Europe SHARES its most beloved and authentic wines. We proudly SHARE with you wines of the highest quality, proven history and tradition. Presenting a great variety of wines with unique flavors and traditional taste, Europe SHARES its genuine, natural wines. Marked with the PDO and PGI labels are only wines with a certified origin and authentic heritage. These signs of recognition help protect and promote wines with particular characteristics linked to their geographical origin, produced under strict safety standards in an environmentally friendly way. The European values we proudly stand for are reflected in our most precious wines – and we can’t wait to SHARE them with YOU!

The Bulgarian Winemaking and Export Association (BWEA) is a non-profit organization aiming to promote Bulgarian wines on international markets. Since its establishment in 2012, we have been working on boosting the export of high-quality wines and the recognition of Bulgaria’s long-lasting winemaking traditions, wine tourism and know-how.

The main activities of the Association include:

  • Promotion of wines of the members of BWEA
  • Contact with government and non-government organizations aiming long-term partnership
  • Preparation and distribution of market research and key tendencies for global wine production
  • Organization of conferences, workshops and seminars with promotional and informative purposes
  • Support for the increase of wine export through the creation and management of projects, financed by EU funds.

For the purpose of our project we developed a partnership with the Baltic Gastronomy Leaders (BGL). BGL is an alliance of Lithuanian food and other agricultural producers’ organizations, founded in 2018. Its main purpose is to support producers’ product exports and increase their quality awareness and added value in foreign markets. BGL is a federation of cereals, soft drinks, spirits, organic foods and other food industry sector associations.


The content of this promotion campaign represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility. The European Commission and the European Research Executive Agency (REA) do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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