A Few Powerful Reasons Why Wine Tourism in Thracian Lowlands Is a Great Idea

What better way to take full advantage of vineyard landscapes and change accommodation every day on a wine route in the Thracian Lowlands region recognized as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) region? By car, bike or horseback, the possibilities are endless for discovering the region from every angle. Tourism and wine go hand-in-hand with the joy of the road and provide a pleasant double pretext for delving into the secrets of the Thracian lowlands region and experiencing a true sense of timelessness. Tourist activities offer a great chance to dive into beautiful European lands, observe the lives of the people who are happy to share their ancestral know-how of making Thracian wine.

The Thracian valley is full of wonderful places which combine production of quality wines and ultimate relaxation. Visitors of the region are impressed by the architecture, the design, various services and of course wine and food quality that numerous wineries present to guests coming from all over the world. Furthermore, trying vinotherapy while traveling in the region is a great idea as wine products have a beneficial effect on the skin. You can pamper yourself with the benefits of vinotherapy. Grapes contain antioxidant polyphenols, while the stems and shoots contain resveratrol and viniferin. Combining tourism and wine is therefore also an opportunity to satisfy the body.

Most of the hosts are passionate about their profession, but also about hospitality. They are happy to show visitors around their farm and their working methods. In addition to guaranteed relaxation, you could expand your knowledge of winemaking in the region by observing the process with your own eyes and in direct contact with wine producers. If you decide to travel in the region you can taste a special selection of different varieties, brands and vintages. Prominent oenologists will help you differentiate the distinctive characteristics in the wide range of Thracian wines. Thus all the secrets of wine producing will be revealed to you and you will become a true wine connoisseur. Moreover, most of the wineries provide gourmet tasting courses. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?


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