“EUROPE SHARES” Project will present the heritage of authentic wines from the ancient Thracian Lowlands PGI in the United Kingdom for 3 years

This February and March we are delighted to invite you to our exciting B2G events!

Upcoming Thracian wines’ promotional activities are the perfect occasion to enjoy unmissable days packed with inspiration, insight and information that will help you to boost your knowledge on European quality products originating from regions bearing PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designations. These designations ensure that each bottle originates from a specific region and adheres to the highest quality standards, meticulously tracing its provenance back to the vineyards that nurtured its grapes.

During all upcoming events events in the frame of Be Together (B2G) projects unique grape varieties like Mavrud, Rubin, Vrachanski Misket, Dimyat, Tamyanka will be tasted on the background of Thracian culture presentation and the 6,000 years of winemaking experience preserved in this PGI region.

This February and March you can get the unique chance to discover Thracian wines in the company of experts who will guide you through each wine in a magnificent ambience.

Our next events for consumers will be held at various locations throughout the country: West London Wine School, Hampshire School of Wine, Hertfordshire Wine School, Cambridge Wine Academy, Essex Wine School, Kent Wine School, Cumbria Wine Society, Dulwich Wine Society, Hextable Wine Society, Dorset Wine School, Newark Wine Society.

On the 4th of March, don’t miss the Business congress in London which gathers more than 50 wine experts! The event will be held by famous opinion leaders of the UK market such as Masters of Wine or Masters Sommelier and is a great opportunity to make business connections!

We are thrilled to invite you to Presentation in restaurants on February 19th in Bristol, on March 18th in Manchester and on March 25th in Brighton! Don’t miss these events if you want to taste fine Thracian wines and familiarize yourself with the EU quality systems (PGI/PDO), history, protection, requirements for recognition

In the end of this month (26-28th of February), Thracian wines will be presented at The Specialist Importers’ Trade Tasting which hand-picks the most outstanding group of specialist wine importers so that you can find exciting, hand-crafted, authentic wines from Thracian lowlands. Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket! Can’t wait to see you there!

What’s more, we are excited to announce that a delegation of importers, distributors, journalists, opinion leaders from the UK will travel to the Thracian wine regions in February and learn the history, traditions and main characteristics of wine production!

Don’t pass up the opportunity to get familiar with the PDO/PGI products presented by our partners from Lithuania the Baltic Gastronomy Leaders during the following events:

  • IFE March 25-27
  • London Coffee Festival Aprill 11-14
  • Food and Drink Expo April 29 – May 1

More information for the EUROPE SHARES Project can be obtained from the E-book: HERE

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the project and our forthcoming activities!
Contacts: info@wineexport.bg





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